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Thursday, November 13, 2008

7 Reasons to Buy A Pop Top Camper

A typical pop up camper might not offer all the perks of a five-star hotel, but the benefits of these for camping enthusiasts, families and hunters can be incredible. There are a number of reasons why people choose these camping accommodations over other options out there.
When it's a toss up between one of these portable homes away from home and something else, a pop up camper will often win out for these reasons:

* Affordability. These campers are generally much more affordable than other recreational vehicles out there. They are considered a major step up from tent camping and a minor step down from other types of recreational vehicles, making them a solid choice for many people. Providing most of the comforts of home, these campers deliver a lot with reasonable price tags, too. Even higher end, higher priced models tend to be within reach of many families.

* Sleeping accommodations. These campers can generally sleep a minimum of four people easily. Larger pop up campers can handle more people over night and they might even be designed to offer a little privacy for those camping in.

* Outdoorsy feel. A pop up camper is not a tent and it isn't a fully enclosed recreational vehicle either. Often relying on heavy duty screen and framing to provide a portion of their walls, these rolling sun porches make sure the great outdoors isn't lost on a trip. The sense while inside one of these is still along the lines of true camping, but without the discomfort of sleeping on the ground in a tent.

* Options. The options on these campers can be amazing. From full, but quite compact kitchens to dining areas and even tons of storage, these campers help ensure people enjoy some of the creature comforts from home without having to give up the outdoorsy feel.

* Portability. A standard one of these campers is very easy to maneuver. They are typically very easy for small trucks and even larger cars to tow. This means expensive extra purchases, such as a large haul truck, are not necessary to enjoy the full benefits of this type of camping.

* Ease of use. Unlike a tent with all its rods and stakes, these campers are very easy to put into working order. Generally nothing more than a crank or switch needs to be tripped to put them in their fully usable form. A few extra steps might be need to complete the finished look, but all in all, they are easy enough to use anyone can assemble them.

* Storage. Since pop ups go back into a fairly flat formation after use, they are much easier to store in yards and garages. In neighborhoods where campers aren't allowed on a full-time basis, they can be easily stowed behind fencing for year-round storage.

Pop up campers might not be for everyone, but they offer a very solid choice for those just getting into the camping craze. Their affordability, options and ease for use and storage makes them a favorite for many.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Why Buy a VW Pop Top Camper

If you are thinking about buying a camper, it is a good idea to check out all of your options before making a purchase. You many not be set on a Volkswagen camper yet, so here are some reasons to buy a VW pop top camper.

One of the major advantages to the Volkswagen camper models such as the Eurovan, Vanagon, and Westfalia is their slender size and usability. Being compact with a low roof option they are also great for daily use and weekend trips, as well as being excellent general multi-purpose vehicles for surfing, bike riding and exploring the entire United States. There are not too many other campers out there you could be comfortable driving around town in besides the VW camper models.

Another advantage to the VW pop top camper is the amount of money you put in the gas tank. Volkswagen campers are known for their great gas milage. Even when they are full of camping equipment you can expect to get 15-17 MPG but when empty, you can expect to drive in the mid 20's for each gallon of gas. The other campers out there are gas hogs and again, most of them that are relatively the same size as pop top campers need to be pulled by some kind of vehicle, which really decreases the gas mileage.

The last thing I want to bring up is price. If you want to be able to take your family on a camping trip in an RV you are going to be paying at least $30,000+ for a used vehicle. You can spend that kind of money and buy a brand new top of the line VW pop top camper for that. Most used Volkswagen pop top campers in good condition are in the $15,000 - $22,000 and the older models you can find under $12,000. These vehicles will last forever and are at half the cost of other camper models out there.

If you are looking to save money on a camper that gets good gas mileage you are going to want to look at VW pop top campers. We carry Eurovan, Vanagon, and Westfalia models that you can use for everyday life, not just the weekends.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Four Wheel Boxes

Contributed by Michael Rad

Vans have been around since the 1960s and the very first van that was available in the U.S. was a Volkswagen. The word comes from caravan, being the last part of this word. The idea behind the van was that a car was simply not enough, a van being able to transport more people or more goods. So, the van is larger than a car but smaller than a van, and has the shape of a box on four wheels. In some areas, the vans are called LSV, designating light commercial vehicle. Pay attention that a van has diverse meanings in different parts of the globe. In Great Britain a van is a multi purpose vehicle, while in Japan it is a small bus that carries people only. These boxes on four wheels can be of diverse shapes and sizes, ranging from a mini van to a 5 meter long vehicle (this being the maximum length of a van).

As mentioned earlier, the Volkswagen was the very first van in the U.S. Today, the Volkswagen Eurovan camper is a popular van as well. The latest launched model is the generation T5 type 2 Transporter. This has an aerodynamic design and has many improvements compared to the first Transporter. Ford is another well known manufacturer of vans. The Ford Transit Connect was introduced in 2002 and is a panel van, and won the award of van of the year 2004. This model will be available in the U.S. in 2007 as well. However, the most popular van from Ford still remains the older Ford Transit. The Transit connect shares some of the Transit's features, but has some improvements and differences as well.

Fiat is also considered a good van manufacturer. The Eurovan from Fiat was a series launched that comprised many features. The Fiat Ulysses is such a Eurovan, being introduced in 2002. The second generation of Fiat Ulysses has a great design and a V6 sturdy engine and 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic transmissions. The Fiat Ducato is also a successful model of vans. The third generation of Ducatos was launched in 2006 and is both for transporting good and people, being able to carry up to 4 tons (the Ducato Maxi).

If you are hunting for a van, there are plenty of other manufacturers to choose from. You can get a van from Chevrolet- a Sportsman, a Nomad or a Supercarry, or you could get a Citroen van, a Daihatsu or a Dodge. Other manufacturers of vans are Vauxhall, Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Renault, Peugeot, Nissan, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi and last but not least Mercedes Benz.