Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Perfect Time to Buy a Pop Top Camper

Written by: Nick Hantge

Spring time is right around the corner and we have already been tempted with some 70 degree days. Soon the campgrounds will start to open and the nights won't cool off as much. The weekend traffic to the mountains will begin to slow down leaving pleanty of room on the highways for a VW camper. There could not be a better time to buy a Pop Top Camper!

If you are looking to buy a eurovan, vanagon or westfalia camper you can steal one this time of year especially with the state of the economy. I've talked to the owner for JDB Imports the biggest supplier of pop top campers in Colorado and he said sales are slightly down from the year average and now is certainly a great time to buy. "If you purchase a eurovan this time of year you will get the most use of it (about 7 months) and dealers or owners or pop tops might be willing to cut you a deal" says Mr Biglow. He also said that buyers usually wait too long to start looking for vw campers because once the weather gets nice sellers are less likely to sell at a discount because the demand is high.

Besides the economy, weather, and optimal use it is a great time to buy a vw camper because its ability to be used as a camper and a vehicle. Maybe your child is turn 16 or your family is just in the market for adding a vehicle. Have you been thinking how great it would be to be able to go camping with the family as well? A eurovan, vanagon or westfalia is great for individuals in situations like this. VW Campers are great for tooling around town for groceries or erands and always bring excitement to the weekend.


Paul said...

Looking for a great low mileage VW Eurovan camper 2001-2003.

Malone said...


I'm thinking about purchasing a 1981 VW Westy Camper Van. It has 115,000 original miles but only 500 miles on a rebuilt engine. Looks like the guy has taken excellent care of it, but I'm trying to find information about know problems with this model. In the course of looking, I came across your blog and thought you might be able to point me in the right direction. For example, when will the transmission go out? when will the clutch need replacement? I'm trying to get an assessment of what I could expect as far as known problems and/or things to watch for.

Any information and/or links you might have would be great.

Many thanks in advance for you help!